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Customs Clearing

Without the experience, goods can end up in port or airport warehouses waiting for customs clearance. With that experience and knowledge, your freight forwarder can ensure that goods are unladen from the transport mode, undergo any necessary checks and processes, and then move to the next stage of the transportation chain.



Our Logistics management team involves getting your products to your customers on time, in the correct quantities, in good condition at the right price. This includes overseeing transportation, as well as storage of materials, production and inventory management.


Our fulfillment centers facilitate turning inventory over quickly, offering a pick-and-pack solution that gets orders out quickly. Items are rarely stored for more than a month. Items stored beyond this amount of time have to pay additional fees. Fulfillment centers are a short-term storage solution, whereas warehouses provide a long-term storage solution, and they’re often located outside the proximity of customers.

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Fast delivery

We provide vehicle deliveries to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Congo, Botswana and Malawi.

item inspection

All vehicles and Cargo is checked on arrival by our team of experts and Inspection forms are marked of any damages. The same is done on delivery.

Truck sales

Our reliable network enable us to provide sales support to clients looking forward to buy vehicles from Europe and beyond.